Independent Study Form



Independent study courses broaden student options by allowing them to undertake directed readings, engage in experiential learning activities, or earn honors credit. Ethnic Studies and Latin American Studies majors may apply up to 9 hours of individualized course work (no more than 6 hours of one particular course) to their major program of studies; minors may use up to 3 hours. Students will need to submit a substitution form for these hours once the course has been completed. Before signing up for an independent course, check with the Chief Advisor to make sure that it can be substituted toward the degree requirements.

Complete this form in consultation with your supervising professor, then submit it to the Institute for Ethnic Studies (305 Louise Pound Hall) to receive a call number.

Student Name:                                                                    ID #:                          

Address:  _________________________________________________________

Phone:     ________________________________________

Email:     _________________________________________

Do you plan to graduate at the end of this semester? Yes____     No____

Course Number: ______________         Session: ___________         Year: _________

Type of Grade (circle):  P/NP  or  Letter             Credit Hours: _________   

Advising Professor: _____________________________________________

Project/Course Title: _____________________________________________

Requirements (Check all that apply and describe on the reverse side of this form or attach contract syllabus)

_____   Readings                                  _____   Research Project

_____   Journal                                     _____   Meetings with Faculty Sponsor

_____   Paper                                        _____   Other -- describe:

Basis of Grade (Indicate % of grade assigned to each required activity)

Required signatures:

Student: ____________________________________________              Date: _____________

Advising Professor: ___________________________________              Date: _____________