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The Institute for Ethnic Studies

At the Institute for Ethnic Studies, we look closer, examining the world through a social justice, human rights lens.

The larger social changes of the 1960s spurred the founding of one of the oldest interdisciplinary programs of our kind. A glance at today’s headlines shows why we continue to be one of the country’s most effective programs. We explore contemporary issues dealing with race.

Students come to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Institute for Ethnic Studies for our majors, minors and graduate specializations. We offer a complete interdisciplinary, comparative and integrative education focused on race and ethnicity, including international origins and connections.

Whether they focus on African and African American, U.S. Latina/o and Latin American studies, or Native American Studies, our students interact directly with expert faculty on compelling research. They stay connected with professors throughout and beyond their education. They explore their professional curiosity in a community-oriented, interactive culture that features colloquia, fascinating guest speakers and exciting events.

Graduates from the Institute for Ethnic Studies go on to careers such as education, government service, non-governmental organizations (NGO), international business, law enforcement, to law school.

Wherever you want to go, whatever impact you want to make, start your story here.

Let curiosity move you.

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