Give back for today’s students
Give back for today’s students

Support the Institute of Ethnic Studies

Since 1972, the Institute for Ethnic Studies has played a unique role at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and in the state of Nebraska. Our graduates’ commitments to critical analysis, community involvement, equality, and social justice are exceptional.

Whether as majors or minors, our students leave the university as critical thinkers who are knowledgeable about ethnic communities in the United States, Africa, and Latin America. Like our faculty, they view sociopolitical systems through a social justice lens and are able to approach complex topics from a foundation of knowledge and critical analysis.

Your support of the Institute for Ethnic Studies is critical to our success. Your tax-deductible contribution provides the Institute with key resources to support our cultural programming, educational initiatives, and lecture series, increasing the campus’s and public’s understanding and knowledge of ethnic communities in Nebraska and beyond.

  • The Ethnic Studies Discretionary Fund is for the general benefit and support of the program. This fund provides valuable resources in the form of unrestricted support, allowing the Institute to make key strategic investments when opportunities arise and in areas where the need is greatest.
  • The Ralph H. Vigil Seminar Series in Ethnic Studies Fund is used annually or otherwise to fund a lectureship program that brings one or more outstanding scholars in the field of Ethnic Studies to the Institute of Ethnic Studies, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Nebraska-Lincoln each academic year in honor of the first Director of the Institute, Ralph H. Vigil.
  • The Rafael (Ralph) Grajeda Graduate Student Support Fund is used annually to support graduate students pursuing coursework and research in Chicanx/Latinx studies and a graduate degree in English, in honor of the Institute's co-founder, Rafael "Ralph" Grajeda.
  • The Libano Fabio Castro Scholarship in Film Studies is used annually to support a junior or senior pursuing a major in Film Studies and a minor in U.S. Latinx Studies or a major or minor in Latin American Studies, in honor of Libano "Lee" Castro, who loved cinema all his life but could not afford to attend college until he retired in his 60s, when he took (and loved) a film studies course.
  • The Rev. Dr. Michael W. Combs Memorial Fund for Scholars of Equality and Justice is used annually to support undergraduate and graduate students and faculty members who follow in Dr. Combs’ footsteps as change agents for social justice and racial equality. A concerned and passionate advocate for historically excluded groups, Dr. Combs was a scholar of African American politics, constitutional law, and judicial politics who taught for 40 years at the University of Nebraska.

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