Meet Sydney Vu Huynh

Photo Credit: Student Spotlight: Sydney Vu Huynh
Wed, 10/25/2023 - 11:39

Major: Anthropology

Minors: Global Studies, Psychology, and Racial Justice, Inclusion, & Equity
Hometown: Lincoln, NE

Year: Senior

Favorite book and why?
Before the Coffee Gets Cold by Toshikau Kawaguhi. It is a very relaxing, yet intriguing read that makes you just want to sip on your coffee and be present in the world.

Favorite movie and why?
Wreck-it-Ralph has been an all-time favorite movie of mine because it is a film that highlights friendship, heartache, personal development, yummy looking foods, and laughter. I tend to always tear up while watching it.

Why the Anthropology major and minors??
I chose the majors and minors I am studying because I had genuine interest in those topics. It was not until after about two years into the degree that I realized that I wanted to pursue a career in that field, which is working in a museum. 

My suggestion for new or other majors is to major/minor in something that you are genuinely interested and will invest time in; it is okay to be undeclared or have no idea what you want to do, because in the end it will all work out eventually. Others should choose anthropology for their major, because it does not only benefit your professional and academic career it can also play a huge role in your personal life. It is a multi-faceted degree that can lead you in all parts of life as it teaches you to critically think, research, and stay aware of your social, mental, and physical surroundings.

Favorite course?
My favorite class so far have been ANTH 292: Stitching Culture: US-Japan Quilt Exhibit Collaborative, which gave me the opportunity to work in/on a museum exhibit, expand my resume, and meet Japanese students. Other classes I thoroughly enjoyed were PRINT 141, JOMC 222, and RELG 230.

Extracurricular Experiences:
I have had four internships since I started at UN-L. I worked as an object collections intern at the History of Nebraska Museum, where I photographed, researched, and documented objects to provide historic context in Nebraska for the public. This past summer I had two internship positions. One was a Programming Intern for UNL’s Gender and Sexuality Center to assist in developing and planning events for the school year. The other was a Volunteer Engagement & Marketing intern at a non-profit called United Way, where I assisted in programing volunteer-based events, like Wing-Fest or Day of Action. The last is one where I just got offered a position to be a museum collections intern for the International Quilt Museum, which I will begin in October 2023.

I have been fortunate to be offered these positions as they have assisted me in my professional career as well as my personal development. I have enjoyed every position that I have worked in as it gave me the chance to explore the workforce and the type of industry, I want to work in. I am grateful for UNL Career Services as well as the platform Handshake as those resources aid me into obtaining the positions I had. Others should seek out a couple of internships while working on your degree as it can narrow down your career path, gain experience, and personal growth.

Post-Graduation Plans:
I am planning to pursue my education by getting a master's in museum studies. I hope to study abroad either in Germany or the UK, or somewhere other than Nebraska. I hope to work as a curator where I have the chance to showcase a group of people or person’s artwork to the world, so that everyone else can admire the dedication to their craft.