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Exploring race in society
Exploring race in society

Research & Innovation

When it comes to research and innovation, the College of Arts and Sciences and its Departments consistently achieve a level of excellence unparalleled by most. Our groundbreaking, globally renowned undergraduate research has continually led to industry-evolving innovations.

Our Institute for Ethnic Studies faculty publish with top academic presses, and direct major grants. Let your curiosity guide you!

African-American and African Studies

Escape from New York book cover

Escape from New York
Jeannette Eileen Jones

The Selma of the North book cover

The Selma of the North
Patrick D. Jones

High Courts and Gender book cover

High Courts and Gender
Alice J. Kang

Latina/o and Latin American Studies

Earth Politics book cover

Earth Politics
Waskar Ari

Family Trouble book cover

Family Trouble
Joy Castro

The Imagined Underworld book cover

The Imagined Underworld
James A. Garza

Trains, Culture, and Mobility book cover

Trains, Culture, and Mobility
José Eduardo González

Who Would Have Thought It? book cover

Who Would Have Thought It?
Amelia Maria de la Luz Montes

Electoral Studies book cover

Electoral Studies
Sergio C. Wals