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Ethnic Studies

The Ethnic Studies major is a comparative and integrative program focused on the experiences of racially and ethnically diverse groups and individuals in the US. There are only two required courses: Freshman Seminar (ETHN 100) and Senior Seminar (ETHN 400). All other courses may be selected from a broad array of choices. Alternatively, you can choose to construct a comparative major or to focus on a particular area: African American and African Studies, Latino and Latin American Studies, or Native American Studies.

Latin American Studies

The Latin American Studies (LAMS) major offers you the opportunity to complete an interdisciplinary, comparative, integrative program of studies focused on the peoples, languages, and cultures of Latin America. The 33-hour major, which requires reasonable fluency in Spanish, requires only one course, (LAMS 478). All other courses may be selected from an array of choices.

Latin American Studies (LAMS) majors take at least 33 credits of content and language courses. Content classes are selected from at least three of ten designated departments (History, Geography, Anthropology, Political Science, English, etc.). Majors also take a senior-level pro-seminar and complete at least nine credits of advanced language courses in either Spanish or Portuguese. Many majors complete a double major in Spanish, History, or another field; a minor is required and may be taken in any field.


African American Studies

The minor in African American Studies is designed to expose students to a program of study concerning African American culture, life, and history in the United States, as well as the African experience on the continent and/or in the Diaspora.

African Studies

The African Studies minor affords students the opportunity to widen their academic horizons to include a part of the world that, because of its past and continuing relevance to the American continents, deserves study. The minor will contribute to the students' understanding of the diverse peoples and cultures of Africa, and their awareness of the relativity of cultures.

Ethnic Studies

The minor in Ethnic Studies allows students who are interested in a broad and comparative and interdisciplinary program to engage in numerous fields but with less requirements than our major.

Latin American Studies

The Latin American Studies minor offers students an interdisciplinary program focused on the peoples, language and culture of Latin America but with a requirement of only 18 hours of courses.

Native American Studies

Students who declare a minor in Native American Studies are given a foundation that prepares them for challenging careers in an ethnically diverse world. Such careers may focus on the health field, teaching, counseling, business, social work, program development, and outreach management, as well as writing, consulting, and planning.

U.S. Latina/Latino Studies

The U.S. Latina/Latino Studies minor provides a background for students whose employment or graduate study will address issues pertinent to U.S. Latinos, particularly Mexican-Americans, the largest Latino group in the U.S. To complete a minor in U.S. Latina/Latino Studies, students take at least 18 hours from a list of approved courses from various departments (e.g. English, History, Psychology, and Sociology.)


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Independent Study

Students can use this Independent Study Form to contract for independent study after speaking to their advisor.