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Exploring race in society
Exploring race in society

Research & Innovation

When it comes to research and innovation, the College of Arts and Sciences and its Departments consistently achieve a level of excellence unparalleled by most. Our groundbreaking, globally renowned undergraduate research has continually led to industry-evolving innovations.

Our Institute for Ethnic Studies faculty publish with top academic presses, and direct major grants. Let your curiosity guide you!

Research from our African-American and African Studies Faculty

Dawne Y. Curry

Dawne Y. Curry

Lory J. Dance

Emerging Intersections

The Middle East in the Contemporary World Annual Report 2012

Kwakiutl L. Dreher

Jeannette Eileen Jones

Jeannette Eileen Jones

Patrick D. Jones

Alice J. Kang

Gregory E. Rutledge

Research from our Latina/o and Latin American Studies Faculty

Waskar Ari

Joy Castro

Joy Castro

James A. Garza

José Eduardo González

Amelia Maria de la Luz Montes

Sergio C. Wals

Research from our Native American Studies Faculty

Mark Awakuni-Swetland

Omaha and Ponca Digital Dictionary

Thomas C. Gannon

Martha McCollough

Victoria Smith

Cynthia Willis-Esqueda

“The Influence of Mitigation Evidence, Ethnicity, and SES on Death Penalty Decisions by European American and Latino Venire Persons.
Espinoza, Russ K. E.; Willis-Esqueda, Cynthia
Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, Aug 25, 2014

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