Native American Studies

Native American Studies provides a multi-disciplinary study of indigenous peoples of the Western Hemisphere, with a focus on tribal cultures of the Great Plains. Our courses are taught from a Native perspective, with a special emphasis on fostering an understanding of Native belief systems, post-contact histories, oral traditions, social and political organizations, literary and artistic accomplishments, as well as contemporary issues.

Our program, through its classes for the minor and an individualized major in Native American Studies, permits students to take a broad range of courses in a number of disciplines. For example, a student obtaining a minor or major in Native American Studies can take courses in Anthropology, English, History, Psychology, Art, and education, as well as courses that relate to Agriculture or Business. Students may also choose to gain first-hand knowledge of American Indigenous life and activities through our internship program.

The Native American Studies Program sponsors and cosponsors various lectures that bring Indigenous leaders, scholars, and artists to the campus. Along with these invited scholars, members of our faculty also offer public lectures on a variety of topics. Examples of some of the subjects people interested in indigenous issues have been able to increase their understanding of, include legal aspects of resource management, environmental justice, sovereignty, sacred sites, religious freedom, and gaming. Additional topics discussed include the Indian Health Care System, federal policies, colonial history, depopulation, dispossession of land, subtle and not so subtle racism, education, and bison management programs.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is home to several organizations that contribute to an understanding of Indigenous issues and lifestyles. The Native American Public Broadcasting Consortium, headquartered in Lincoln, and the University of Nebraska Press is known nationally and internationally for their productions and publications on Native American subjects. The Lincoln Indian Center, Inc. is one of the oldest such centers in the United States. It provides students with a cultural center and service/internship opportunities. Along with other resources, these organizations provide opportunities for students to further their knowledge about Indigenous Peoples, who contribute to America's special cultural profile.

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