Our vibrant graduate program draws from courses in 9 different disciplines:  Art & Art History, Anthropology, English, Geography, History, Modern Languages, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology.  Graduate students earning an M.A. or Ph.D. in one of these participating departments can also earn a graduate specialization in Ethnic Studies.  This credential reflects a coherent intellectual focus on a research area within ethnic studies and helps students distinguish their profile in a competitive market.

The Ethnic Studies Master's-Level Specialization is offered by the Institute for Ethnic Studies through the College of Arts and Sciences.

Requirements for Ethnic Studies Master's-Level Specialization

  • Coursework:  12 hours

9 hours must be from at least 2 departments outside the home department. Courses can be chosen from among the following:

ANTH 812, ANTH 816, ANTH 830, ANTH 833, ANTH 834, ANTH 851, ANTH 854, ANTH 872, ANTH 873, ANTH 877, ANTH 884, ANTH 915, ENGL 845, ENGL 845E, ENGL 845B, ENGL 845K, ENGL 940, ENGL 945, HIST 856, HIST 859, HIST 837, HIST 886, HIST 885, HIST 933, HIST 811, HIST 864, HIST 848, HIST 865, HIST 858, HIST 871, HIST 872, HIST 857, HIST 875, HIST 878, POLS 920 (when subtitle/content reflects Ethnic Studies content), POLS 965, POLS 979 (when focus is on developing nations), PSYC 825, PSYC 979, SOCI 844, SOCI 848, SOCI 880, SOCI 881, SOCI 906

The following courses are taught in French or Spanish, and you must have graduate-level proficiency to enroll: FREN 860, FREN 861, SPAN 855, SPAN 859, SPAN 860, SPAN 862, SPAN 870, SPAN 943. Contact the course instructor if you have any questions.

Other courses may be substituted with the approval of the Ethnic Studies faculty advisor and committee member. Applicable graduate courses are offered by departments including Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education, Educational Psychology, History, Journalism, Law, and Political Science.

    • Master’s degree in a participating department (AHIS, ANTH, ENGL, GEOG, HIST, MODL, POLS, PSYC, SOCI)

    • Approval from graduate chair of home department

    • One member of the M.A. examining committee who holds a joint-appointment with the Institute for Ethnic Studies

  • Thesis must relate to an Ethnic Studies issue

For information regarding the Ethnic Studies graduate specialization, please contact Professor Amelia Montes, Director, 303 Seaton Hall, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, (402) 472-1663.