The Latino and Latin American Studies program (LLAS) is housed within the Institute for Ethnic Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

LLAS was formed in 1993 when two previously separate programs merged: Latin American Studies and Chicano Studies. These two components offer unique but complementary perspectives on people of Latin American origin or descent.

The Latin American Studies major and minor offer an opportunity for students to gain knowledge about the peoples, languages and cultures of Latin America. The Chicano Studies minor focuses on Chicanos/Latinos in the U.S.

Latin American Studies


The Latin American Studies program provides a basis for students who intend to seek employment with government agencies and private enterprises with operations in Latin America, as well as students who plan to undertake graduate study with an emphasis in this region. Opportunities for majors are found in U.S. banks and commercial firms with Latin American branch offices, the travel industry, publishing companies, research organizations, and U.S. governmental agencies such as the Department of State, Agency for International Development, and U.S. Information Agency.

Requirements for the Major

Latin American Studies majors take at least 33 credits of content and language courses. Content classes are selected from at least three of ten designated departments (e.g., History, Geography, Anthropology, Political Science, English). Majors also take a senior-level pro-seminar and complete at least nine credits of advanced language courses in either Spanish or Portuguese. Many majors complete a double major in Spanish, History, or another field; a minor is required and may be taken in any field.

Requirements for the Minor

The Latin American Studies minor involves completing at least 18 hours from a combination of advanced language courses (6 hours) and social science courses (12 hours).

Study Abroad

Many majors/minors spend one or more semesters studying in a Latin American country. This allows them to develop their language skills and gain valuable experience to complement their coursework. By working with UNL's Study Abroad office (housed in International Affairs), students can receive credit for courses taken abroad.

Chicano Studies

Requirements for the Minor

The Chicano Studies minor provides a background for students whose employment or graduate study will address issues pertinent to U.S. Latinos, particularly Mexican-Americans, the largest Latino group in the U.S. For example, students who intend to seek employment in educational or human service settings may benefit from the specialized knowledge a Chicano Studies minor provides. To complete a minor in Chicano Studies, students take at least 18 hours from a list of approved courses from various departments (e.g. English, History, and Psychology.)

Latino Research Initiative

Latino Research Initiative is a multidisciplinary effort at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The goals of the LRI are to Engage in culturally sensitive and competent research and programming, contribute to the limited knowledge base related to the needs of the Latino community, develop, implement, and evaluate programming for the Latino community, and disseminate information to, and learn from, practice systems, scholars, and policy-related systems that are related to addressing Latino issues and needs.