Latina/o and Latin American Studies

The Latino and Latin American Studies program (LLAS) is housed within the Institute for Ethnic Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. LLAS was formed in 1993 when two previously separate programs merged: Latin American Studies and Chicano Studies.

Our faculty is composed of leading researchers and teachers who are experts on Latin American and Latino issues. Our program is constantly growing with new course offerings and scholarly opportunities for our majors and minors. Our faculty is heavily involved in advising and community issues.

The Latin American Studies major and minor offer an opportunity for students to gain knowledge about the peoples, languages and cultures of Latin America. The U.S. Latina/Latino Studies minor focuses on Chicanos/Latinos in the U.S. These two components offer unique but complementary perspectives on people of Latin American origin or descent.

The Latin American Studies program provides a basis for students who intend to seek employment with government agencies and private enterprises with operations in Latin America, as well as students who plan to undertake graduate study with an emphasis in this region. Opportunities for majors are found in U.S. banks and commercial firms with Latin American branch offices, the travel industry, publishing companies, research organizations, and U.S. governmental agencies such as the Department of State, Agency for International Development, and U.S. Information Agency.

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