African and African-American Studies

AAASP 40 Year Anniversary Poster
AAASP 40 Year Anniversary Poster

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln offers minors in African and African American. Both programs are comparative and interdisciplinary. They address socio-historical, cultural, and political issues relating to African Americans and Africans.

Many of our university faculty have strong interests in African American and African issues; therefore, these programs are growing rapidly, with ever-increasing faculty appointments, new courses, and expanded programs and outreach projects.

Students who minor in African American Studies will study African American culture, life, and history in the United States, as well as the African experience on the continent and/or in the Diaspora. A minor in African Studies will also contribute to a student's understanding of the diverse peoples and cultures of Africa and, ultimately, to a better understanding of his or her own society. Courses in several departments of the College of Arts and Sciences, as well as a number of courses in other colleges, can contribute to the requirements for a minor in African American Studies or African Studies.

Faculty who are affiliated with the African and African American Studies Program are very active in advising, teaching, researching and developing work concerning African Americans, Africans, and the African diaspora. In addition, the African and African American Studies program annually sponsors or cosponsors a variety of activities focusing on the experiences of African American and African peoples.

Students will find the African or African American Studies minor beneficial if they plan eventually to work in the area of law, health and social services, education, business and industry, program development, or government.

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